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Giving Your Characters Unique Features
Source: Jeinu - DeviantArt here & Tumblr blog here 

I particularly love this tutorial series because it’s a particular subject that not a lot of artists tackle. It thoroughly explains the HUGE importance of individualizing your characters, as well as other equally significant tips and tidbits.

Don’t be scared to make your characters ugly or bizzare. In fact, challenge yourself and take your favorite character and make them as unappealing as you possibly can. Or, if you’re used to drawing grotesque characters, have a go at doing pretty ones!

I desperately want to marry a guy like him

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R.I.P. Robin Williams, thank you for making us laugh throughout the years.

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robin williams died today.

here is a list of things that robin williams was:

  • funny
  • sharp
  • kind
  • clever
  • and sad.

that’s important, the “and sad,” because sometimes sadness can feel like the only thing we are. it can feel all-encompassing. it can feel like the only thing anyone could possibly see, when they look at you: sad. that person is so, so, sad.

but there is always an “and.” we are never just sad. we are never only. we are always and.

we have all known people who were sad, who are sad; some of us are ourselves sad. being sad does not remove the other parts of us, though it can make them harder for us to see. when you are sad, you don’t necessarily feel like you are also funny, and sharp, and clever, and kind.

but you still are. you don’t have to feel like something to be it.

those things are written on your bones, they are woven into the fabric of your skin. sadness can feel so big, so big and overwhelming and complete, even when it is not a directed sadness. maybe especially when it is not a directed sadness, when it’s a depression that has no direct cause and nothing we can name.

sometimes the sadness is too big. people try to cut it out, or starve it out, or drink it down, or drug it silent. if this is you: i’m sorry. if this is you: you are not alone. if this is you: remember that the solution is never to give up, because you do not live in a vacuum. there are people waiting for you. there are films and songs and books and not-sadness waiting for you. i know that you don’t feel like waiting, but wait anyway.

if you need help, ask for it. here’s a link to crisis centers across the globe. if you live in the U.S., this is the national suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255.

robin williams died today, but the genie didn’t, and mrs. doubtfire didn’t, and peter pan didn’t. sean maquire didn’t, and professor philip brainard didn’t, and alan parrish didn’t. batty koda didn’t. john keating didn’t. you didn’t. 


i wasn’t going to reblog anymore on this but i read this and i feel like there are probably some folks on here who might need to read it, too.

My feels

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The last two gifs as one ——> [x]

sometimes when i see awful porn of my childhood characters